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Revolutionary new wound care technology of MyOwn Skin™:

By harvesting a skin sample the size of a pencil eraser, drawing a few vials of the patient’s blood, and sending both samples to our lab, we will grow 300 cm² of the patient’s own skin within 7 days and return it to you to as a partial thickness autologous skin graft. 

Key points on MyOwn Skin™

  • MyOwn Skin™ is an autologous tissue engineered skin graft, grown from the patient’s own skin.

    • we have had no rejections to date; it’s the patients own skin

  • Best use cases for MyOwn Skin™ are burns, plastics (reconstructions), trauma, non-healing diabetic ulcers and any general wound that might otherwise need skin grafting. 

  • MyOwn Skin™ alleviates the secondary wound created when harvesting for skin grafts.    

  • MyOwn Skin™ has the tensile strength required to be able to suture and/or staple into place over a wound, if necessary.